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Our Mobile Vet Services

Mobile Vet Vehicle-Mobile Vet Services in Salt Lake City, UT
Mobile Vet-Mobile Vet Services in Salt Lake City, UT
Benefits of a Mobile Vet

There are many reasons why you may want to have our vets come to you. If you have a pet that becomes fearful at the vet's office, you don't have transportation to get your pet to their appointment, or the car trip is extremely stressful, our mobile vets will help keep your pet calm and comfortable. When you schedule an appointment with our on-site vet care services, we'll:

• Come to your home
• Provide exams or vaccinations there
• Give you any medications they need

Reduce Their Stress

As a low-stress vet, our mobile office is fully stocked and supplied with everything we need to provide quality medical care. We specialize in handling pets that can become aggressive in stressful situations or who do not travel well. We also provide in-home euthanasia services so your pet can be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Creating a Mobile Vet Practice

After graduating from University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, Rick Whitty, DMV, moved to Utah to continue working in veterinary medicine. After working with animals that were fearful of the vet's office and providing care for older pets, the idea to create a mobile vet clinic was born. This mobile vet allows professionals to provide basic services right in the pet owner's home.
Let Us Treat Your Pet

Because every pet has different needs, contact us at (801)261-3655. Our experts will be happy to discuss appropriate treatments and other basic procedures that would be a benefit to your pet.