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Veterinary Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Strutt-Mobile Vet Services in Salt Lake City, UT
When you need pet medical care, you need vets who are dedicated to providing care that will give your pets a high quality of life. From exams and vaccines to surgery and dental work, you can rest assured that your pet is as healthy as possible in our hands. We offer both in-home care and hospital care depending on your pet's needs.

In-home Pet Care

For some pets, traveling to a vet's office can be a traumatic experience. Not only can this make them difficult to handle, but they may react by becoming fearful or even aggressive. When we provide basic veterinary services at home, your vet visit will go smoothly. Our vets provide several important services vital to your pet's health including:

• General exams
• Pet vaccines
• Lab work ups

Additionally, we also provide in-home euthanasia.

Hospital Services

Certain care services must be done at our hospital due to the medical equipment that is needed. In additional to all of our in-home care services at our office, we also provide:

• Radiography and surgery
• Hospitalization
• Hospice care
• Dental care

If you have a pet that refuses to go quietly or is hard to handle, we'll come get your pet for you for an additional fee.

Whether you've just moved to the area and need a new vet or your furry friend needs a vaccine or a surgery, contact us at (801)261-3655. We'll either set you up with an in-home appointment or an appointment at our office depending on the services that your pet needs.